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 Directed by

Oswmer Louis

Co-Directors and Faculty Advisors

Robert Cassanello and Lisa Mills


Executive Producers

Martin DuPuis and Alvin Wang



Ernest A. “Pete” Boyd

Lyman A. Brodie

Ben Brotemarkle

Caroll Laughlin Burleson

Barbara Page Burns

Joy Dickinson

Richard Foglesong

Anthony Foster

Bruce Green

Neil Jenkins

Sandra Poston Johnson

Nina Wilson Jones

Karen S. Jones

Marilyn G. Kieffner

Kay Kieffner Kimbrough

Lynn Kieffner Lockhart

Joseph Krienes

Dr. Carl MaultsBy

Jamaal Nicholas

Gordon O’Hara

Nelson W. Pinder

Audrey H. Reicherts

Jean Siegfried

Russell P. Warren

Noel Feldman Weller-Woolley

Virginia Wilson

James W. Wilson

Nina Wilson Jones

Jamia Wilson

Catherine P. Wilson

Barbara Young


Written and Produced by Documentary Students in the Burnett Honors College at the University of Central Florida

Kyle Aulow

Paul Barber

Christian Dimaculangan

Oswmer Louis

Nicole Mariutto

Shannon McGuffey

Juan Ordonez

Abby Owen


Contributing Film Students in the Nicholson School of Media and Communication at UCF

Bobby Forman

Kristina League

Javier Martinez

Mikaela Ronnkvist

Brittany Todd


Director of Photography

Juan Ordonez


Additional Camera Work

Kyle Aulow

Timothy G. Brown

Bobby Forman

Oswmer Louis

Javier Martinez

Lisa Mills

Mikaela Ronnkvist

Brittany Todd



Timothy George Brown


Assistant Editors

Juan Ordonez

Lisa Mills



Animations Produced in the School of Visual Arts and Design at UCF


Character Design

Alyssa Garoogian

Amber Hilson


Character Riggers

James Chambless


Production Management

Heather Knott


Look Development & Animation

Dana Barnes

James Chambless

Joshua Cooper

Alyssa Garoogian

Ana Guerra

Angela Hernandez-Carlson

Amber Hilson

Heather Knott

Brian Phinn


Faculty Animation Supervisor

Cheryl Briggs

Social Media Manager

Brittany Todd


Archive Images Provided by

The Kieffner Family

The Wilson Family

Tana Porter

Joy Dickinson

FAMU Archive

Anthony Foster Foundation

Prelinger Archive

Jones High School History Museum

Library Special Collections, University of Central Florida

Orange County Regional History Center

Orlando Sentinel


Drone footage provided by

Victor Chu

Sky Tech One, New York City


Film and audio tape transfers by

Jim Barden

Martin Schiff

Network Sound and Video, Inc.


Original music by

Stella Sung


Additional music from




Special Thanks

Anita Abrams

Geraldine Bateman

Kenneth Bowles

John Brown

Shirley Bryant

Brendan Byrne

Geoffrey Cravero

Vito Fera

Flora Maria Garcia

Amy Gireaux

Steve Goldman

Bruce Green

Walter G. Hawkins

Barbara Jay

Katherine Keuhn

Avido Khahaifa

Allison Kirby

Tina Laferriere

Connie Lester

Katherine P. Marsh

Rudy McDaniel

Jamaal Nicholas

Tana Mosier Porter

Troy Shimkus

Demetrius Summerville

Stella Sung

Raul Valery

Jeff Willis

Virginia W. Wilson

Kirstin Woff


First Congregational Church of Winter Park

St. Richard’s Episcopal Church of Winter Park

The Episcopal Church of St. John the Baptist or Orlando


Edgewater High School, Orlando

Jones High School, Orlando

University High School, Orlando


FAMU Archive

Florida Bandmasters Association

History Center Folks


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